Sara had her 15-month check-up a couple of weeks ago. She has been always healthy but I get nervous no matter what anytime I go to her regular check-up because this is like a performance review for me as a mom.

As usual, Sara’s pediatrician ran down a check list.

Large motor skill:

Walking well: checked — she was practically running too.

Small motor skill:Started scribbling: checked — The doctor was amazed how she holds a pen. She holds a pen like we (adults) do.

Using fork/spoon: checked


Eating well: checked — She is a picky eater, but very healthy. She doesn’t like sugary sweet stuff like cupcakes, cookies, or juice. She loves broccolis, spinaches, pasta (certain brand), cherries, watermelons, and plums. The doctor said “That’s awesome! Don’t worry about her pickiness. Give her as much broccoli or spinach as she wishes. You don’t know how long it’s going to last!”

Drinking from a cup: checked

Pooping well: checked

Brushing teeth: checked

Language/Cognitive development:

Using at least one word: checked — so far she can say at least 64 words. The number of words she can say is about a 22 month-old.

And an extra bonus point — She says “please” and “thank (you)”. This wowed the doctor!

Knowing at least one body part: checked — she knows about 15 body parts.

And another extra bonus point — she can name a couple of body parts, such as ‘ear’, ‘nose’, and ‘eye’.

‘Feeding’ a doll: checked — She gives her snack to her stuffed animals, and tries to actually feed our cat, Chicha.

After going over the check list, the doctor said Sara is physically at least 18 months old or so, and cognitively around 20 to 22 months old.

I don’t know if I should take credit for her physical progress, but I think I can take credit for her cognitive development. Repetition is a huge key. And repetition requires patience. Don’t expect to see outcome right away. Although I’m so excited to see outcome bit by bit, if she doesn’t show whatever I teach her right away, I don’t let my attitude or hope down. I keep telling myself that the first three years are a developmental phase, and it’s a long term investment and I shouldn’t expect to see ‘return’ right way. Think like 401(k)…

Sara is making a grocery shopping list